As always, « The Royal Snail » intends making your stay the most cheerful and offering a touristic product which is either totally idler or cultural.

Hereunder you can find a few tips.

The Museum

Félicien Rops Museum – Budget: 3,00 € – Distance from The Royal Snail : 2,2 km.

Presentation of late Felicien Rops, the graphical technics that he used and his personality, sometimes a little bit wild in a museum which is dedicated to him, his home town. Furthermore, this genuine artist is present everywhere in our gastronomic restaurant, The Agathopede.

Adress : Rue Fumal 12 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/77 67 55

Archeology Museum – Budget: 3,00 € – Distance from The Royal Snail : 1,0 km.

In that museum, you can find lots of archeology and prehistoric Roman and Merovingian collections. These pieces are only from the Province of Namur and constitute a really outstanding collection.

Adress : Rue du Pont 21 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/23 16 31

Old Art Museum – Budget: 3,00 € – Distance from The Royal Snail : 2,3 km.

The permanent collections of the « Musée des Arts Anciens » present masterpieces of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, exclusively from the region of Namur. The museum produces, further, the notorious treasure of Oignies, and the most important collection of the painter Henri Blès.

Adress : Rue de Fer 24 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/77 67 54

Guy Delforge Perfumery – Budget: 3,50 € – Distance from The Royal Snail : 2,5 km.

This creation center, unic in Northern Europe, enables everyone to understand the different and fine steps of the creation of a fragrance, from the maceration to the filtration.

Adress : Route Merveilleuse 60 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/22 12 19

Strawberry of Wepion Museum – Budget: 3,50 € - Distance from The Royal Snail : 4,8 km.

Intelligible historic of the origins of the strawberry farming in Wepion, between expansion and his promotion as Capital of the Strawberry in Belgium. There is also a didactic garden of « Les Petits Fruits » through 35 square metres of garden and 20 species of forgotten or unknown fruits.

Adress : Chaussée de Dinant 1037 – 5100 Wépion – Contact : 081/46 20 07

The Theater

Royal Theatre of Namur – Budget: according to the performance – Distance from The Royal Snail : 1.5 km.

The « Théâtre Royal de Namur » is the symbol of the French-speaking region which dares and performs the large and traditional cultural History with his own and contemporary vision.

Adress : Place du Théatre 2 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/22 60 26

The Movie

Acinapolis – Budget: de 6,00€ à 7,00€ – Distance from The Royal Snail : 1.5 km.

Adress : Rue de la Gare 16 – 5100 Jambes – Contact : 081/32 04 40

The Shopping

Just have a walk in the heart of Namur and its historic sources. Find out lots of trendy boutiques, of all types. With a plan, that can be provided at the front desk and maybe with the guidance of our concierge, discover the authentic little streets of Namur. The area

The River and Park

To relax simply… Rent one of our bikes to go and discover the Meuse valley, the Sambre docks and the wonders of this fluvial junction.

By bike : Bike rental « The Royal Snail » Half-day: 10,00 € - One day long : 15,00 €

By boat : In summer only, the « Namourette » sails on the Sambre and the Meuse,for the pleasure of the passengers she’s carrying but also the walkers andthe photographers, inspired by this wonderful and sailing framework.

Closest station: marina of Jambes, in front of The Hotel.

On foot : The city of Namur is also endowed by public walking paths which are a sportiveand cheerful possibility to discover the Capital of Wallonie. Those itineraries are length-variable and then relevant for each rambling amateur.The nearest access is located in front if the Hotel.

The Fortress

The Citadel – Budget: 9,00 € (Citadel Pass) – Distance from The Royal Snail : 2,5 km.

Enjoy the discovery of the Citadel’s history thanks to the Citadel Pass. The Pass includes:The touristic train: enjoy the beautiful sightseeing and the Meuse River.The guided tour of the Citadel’s undergrounds, the biggest one at the heart of a European Citadel.The guide dtour called “la Medievale”: enjoy the medieval spirit of the Citadel.The entire tour, displayed in French, English and Dutch, is operating every day from March 30 to September 29.

Adress : Route Merveilleuse 64 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/65 45 05

The Royal Snail Favorites

To savour a Belgian beer, a typical «Brasserie», a wine bar or a corner shop. You can read our favourites hereunder.

Le Bouffon du Roi – Budget : low – Distance from The Royal Snail : 2.0 km.

Trendy bar in the centre of Namur whose speciality is the presentation of special, abroad and Belgian, beers.

Adress : Rue de Bruxelles, 60 – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/22 33 82

La Brasserie François - Budget : middle – Distance from The Royal Snail : 1.5 km.

Authentic and Parisian «Brasserie» based in the heart of Namur. Come and succumb to the charms of the French kitchen in a splendid context of an old Mansion.

Adress : Place Saint-Aubain – 5000 Namur – Contact : 081/22 11 23

Wine and More by Agathopède Budget : middle – Distance from The Royal Snail : 3.9 km.

Wine Bar - Restaurant bistronomic - Wines and Vineyards

Second restaurant on bistronomic idea of our Chef Carl Gillain, offers a wine cellar with over 800 references and 20,000 bottles . A custom setting for connoisseurs .

Address: Chaussee de Marche 496, Erpent

081 / 35.43.69

Menu: Wine and More by Agathopède

Night&Day – All budget – Distance from The Royal Snail : 1,1 km.

In case of omission, the « Night & Day » shops can rescue you. Even on Sunday.

Closest outlet located Avenue Bourgmestre Jean Materne 75 – Contact : 081/30 86 90